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Established in Aug. 2000, Xindi company is a textile enterprise with 520 employees and specializes in printing and dyeing and finishing of woven fabrics. 

The annual capacity of dyeing and processing is 100 million meters of all cotton, cotton polyester, cotton brocade, cotton linen and artificial cotton woven fabrics. 

The functional fabrics produced include Teflon (three proofing), and others featured by anti-wrinkle and anti-ironing, moisture absorption and anti-perspiration, anti-bacteria and anti-UV and other special processing. Its products are sold to domestic clothing brands and some overseas brands. 

The basic production process of the company is: Blank inspection - singing-bleaching - mercerizing - dyeing - post-finishing - finished inspection.

The main production equipment for domestic advanced singing machine, bleaching machine, mercerizing machine, pad dyeing machine, dyeing cylinder, sueding machine, setting machine, pre-shrinking machine, as well as imported laser carving machine, imported digital printing machine, etc. 

The main energy equipment is a set of cogeneration boiler; The main environmental protection treatment facilities include four sets of physicochemical, biochemical, vulcanization and sludge treatment systems, and three sets of waste gas treatment systems. The company has been awarded the "Green Plate" grade of environmental credit evalsuation of Guangdong Province and the carbon emission assessment standard of Jiangmen City for many times. 

The company passed the European Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 environmental protection certification in 2016, passed the ISO9001 in 2008: Quality system certification in 2008, ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2009; In 2012, the company has passed OHSAS18001; 2007 Occupational health and safety management system certification; In 2009, it passed the Bluesign certification. In Dec. 2012, the company passed the acceptance of cleaner production in Guangdong Province, was awarded the cleaner production certificate and became the first batch of cleaner production enterprises in Guangdong Province. In Jun. 2014, it was awarded "a unit access to the printing and dyeing industry" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.   The company is an executive member of China Textile Engineering Society, an executive member of China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, an executive member of Guangdong Textile Association, president of Kaiping Textile and Garment Association. 

In the historical stage of high quality development, the company will adhere to a more open business philosophy to actively respond to the national policies, transform the traditional printing and dyeing industry with high and new technology, strive to realize automation, information and intelligent production management, actively explore the green and environmental protection printing and dyeing production mode, go with the trend of green and environmental protection, low carbon economy, so as to provide new choices for the market and provide customers with inexpensive yet high quality services to contribute to the textile printing and dyeing industry technology progress. 

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